Emotion: The AI missing key /June 17th 2021/

Jun 17, 2021 | Science | 0 comments

While AI is becoming more and more powerful, following Moore’s law, the level of interaction with AIs is surprisingly stable. What if, the missing part is not the computational power but humanity? Even with solutions like shadow cloud gaming allowing every user to play on high-end hardware, nothing changes.

Social animals like humans need to interact with each other. During these interactions, humans try to extract emotional state from facial expressions, voice or even body language, to adapt the response and smoothen the interaction. AIs are very smart but simply lack humanity.

This is because the user’s emotions are not accounted for in the AI decision tree yet. The video games industry proposes the best use cases for AI now. OVOMIND is giving a part of the human heart to AIs, with its technology.

Starting with gaming, OVOMIND will change forever the way to interact with AIs in our daily life.