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The most powerful A.I. based neurosciences  technology  for wearables devices

In 2021 there will be 352 Million of wearables on the market and 52% of smartwatches including biosensors. The patented Ovomind technology can provide in real time through a cloud API, one arousal and valence score and more from market  wearables. The goal is to add a new interactive data for A.I.s and HMI’s. 


Game editors, ESport & VR brands.

Increase gaming interaction by incorporating the player’s emotions in game scenarios.


Hospitals, Nursing and ElderlyHomes, Home care.

Monitor patients’ stress level, well being & movements in hospitals, clinics and retirement homes.

Human factors

Sensitive activites: rescue, military, transport. 

Monitor human stresslevel and movements insensitive conditions : public transport drivers, military, rescue teams, isolated platforms.

The human mind has no limitation

Understand human emotion is a very complex task.

Each human is reacting in his/her own way to a situation; it is a very subjective thing. Ovomind technology, by using complex algorithms (Deep-learning), broke this statement and proposes a universal technology and API.

Human Machine Interactions 2.0

Emotions is what defines us as human beings.

 Understand human emotion is the key to building the perfect interaction with a machine.
It allows the machine to be more human-like and break its mechanical behavior towards a human.

Knowing the human feelings will transcend the artificial intelligences because there is a transfer of a part of humanity.

Since its creation, Ovomind is working on this idea: Improve the User Experience and the comfort of your daily life by giving machines a part of the human “heart”.

$B World AI Market in 2020

+$B World gaming industry 2019

Encrypted and anonymized data anywhere

All the data collected from the wearables sensors will be anonymized, encrypted and hosted on securised servers in partnership with IBM.

Ovomind propose different solutions to make the data available all the time for interactions:

  • From Homes (Gaming, domotics, remote medecine etc…) 
  • From Warehouses, clinics, factories, escape games…
  • From outdoor activities

The features computing can be done with mobile application, PC application or directly on the cloud. 


Future is on its way

Ovomind technology can be applied and used in different kind of situations. It brings signicant benefits in UX. From entertainement, e-Sport, streaming to human factors, security and healthcare sectors, knowing  the user emotional feedback changes it all.

Enter the emotional dimension

Make the machine feel the human emotions and break the current AIs blindness. 

  • Real time computing.
  • Solid universal features (Arousal & valence score, biometric recognication, Bpm, stress indicator, vigilancy level,  etc…).
  • 4 compatible sensors: (3 axis accelerometer, PPG, Galvanic Skin Response, Skin temperature).

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